Hxllywood x Soulja Boy x Kayla Nicole "Sneaky Link 2.0" (Official Music Video)

музыкальные видеоклипы / иностранные видеоклипы 2 октября 2021 82   

The official music video for "Sneaky Link 2.0" by Hxllywood, Soulja Boy, Kayla Nicole

Listen to the new single streaming on all platforms now! https://ingroov.es/sneaky-link-2-0-2da-a

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RUN-IT-UP Records
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Soulja Boy:

Uh. Hxllywood. Yea Waaa. Remix
Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)
You my sneaky Link (sneaky link)
Other: (Chopper mouth sounds) Run It Up
Yeah (uh), ayy (uh), ayy, Uh

Girl I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)
Be your sneaky link
Girl I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)
Be your sneaky link (sneaky)
Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)
Be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)
Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)
Yea I am your sneaky link
I said this beat gone make her clap go bizzurk

Soulja Boy:
Yo, that’s the only plan
Cash out on Bugatti shirt on Only Fans
Beat the pot like Peter Pan
Spin the block then spin again
She turn around like ceiling fan
I make it rain
I’m breaking down a brick again
In the trap and I’m whipping my wrist again
Spin through the block with them choppers and hit at him
Underneath it’s Pirellis ain’t riding on Michelins
I had to knock out the middleman
Stand in the trap and I’m passing and I got rich again
Yea, breaking down bricks again
He come to the block and I’m serving him
Twenty-Twenty Two Bugatti I’m swerving in
Slow it down. Slow it down
She working it
Pop on the block
And they green like zucchini
She slide and she eating
She say that she sneaky
I bust down that Cartier I slide on my 40
I make it look easy
We pop to the top like some pieces
I’m swishing the cups and they looking like Reese’s
She makin it clap and my wrist in the freezer

And I heard you got a man
Hxllywood don’t give a damn
I make lil mama jams
So I know that you a fan
Gone and dance for all these bands
Like I am your only fan
Girl I can be your only fan
Girl you can be my sneaky link (we sneaky)
But you my weakest link
No cap bitch your pussy weak
So what the fuck you think
I heard you got that sloppy toppy toppy
You a thoty body
Shorty got that body ody ody
Like she Megan probably
In the Stu bitch I go stupid
I can’t love no bitch No cupid
Shorty slide just like she Nike
I call her and she just do it
Shorty kind of crazy tryna get up in my pants
Say she tryna have my baby but plan b the only plan

Boy you just my sneaky link

I am?

So don’t keep texting me
I’m not your bitch stop checking me
You come last when he next to me
His special bitch no recipe
Like salt bae open sesame
You calling while he sexing me
I’m such a… Freak
He cum fast when I say link
Got him saved as Uber Eats
What’s the plan I say plan b
You can’t take me out the streets
I’m fat mun nu a mami
Aint no bun you just my link
I got body and good brain
He my break when my heart break
I step on bitches’ neck then go ride they niggas chest
He gon shoot cuz I’m the best
I go temp cuz he a guest
Save me last cuz I’m the best
Before he eat I say god bless
He be hearting all my shit
But he could never picture this

Yea Whaaa
Girl I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)
Be your sneaky link
Girl I can be your sneaky link (We sneaky)
Be your sneaky link
Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)
Be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)
Girl I can be your sneaky link (Sneaky Link)
Yeah, I am your sneaky link
Yeaaa Waaaa

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