Moneybagg Yo - A Gangsta's Pain (Official Music Video)

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Ran into some dead ends
Rerouted made away
Tennis chain, ring, watch
Light booming ice today
Street nigga from the M
That’s where you gotta keep a K
It don’t matter, Killers killing killers
Ain’t nobody safe, bullets don’t discriminate
Just had to remind you
No matter how you try to dodge
The bullshit it come find you
Tryna put me in the middle
Cause my night robbed you
Told you not to fuck with him
But you act like you had to

Pink slips, 8 whips ain’t none of them rented
Bitch I’m having money now
So talk to me different
Run the hunnids through the money counter
Before we deposit it
Life good, bitch bad, everything exotic
I’m cool with waiting a lil longer
For something I deserve
The streets ain’t for everybody
Thats why they made the curb
Be clumsy talking bout Elo
I’m tripping over words
It was Super Bowl night
When he ain’t make serve

Have you ever got that phone call
That made ya heart drop
Problems every time you turn around
You live a hard knock
Free my niggas, if the feds come
I’m picking up a box
Number switches on the glizzy
It came with the boss tho
I went back to wear I grew up and
I bought the residence
They come for me but I can’t let them get me
Out my element
It’s easy building up a name but
Can you keep it relevant
Play on my name
You see more choppas than veterans homie

And I said what I said won’t beat around the bush
Paint yo block my favorite color red
Now you a pound of Kush
I could put my hands in my pocket
Errbody wit me pulling
These Cartier’s around me
Other days when I was overlooked
Fuck up after fuck up day by day
Now I’m having my way
Reason you can’t get yo own steak
Cuz you keep watching my plate
I been laying low
playing slow
stacking my change
Made it through the rain
Can you feel a Gangsta pain
Made it through the rain
Can you feel a gangsta pain
The streets ain’t for everybody
That’s why they made the curb
Ran into some dead ends
Rerouted made away

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Music video by Moneybagg Yo performing A Gangsta’s Pain. © 2021 N-Less Entertainment/Interscope Records

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