EST Gee - Bigger Than Life Or Death

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Niggas is internet gangstas
You niggas can’t fuck with me

Lucci How You Feel
Lucci How You Feel

Riding in something that cost six figures to get the pay tag
Wit a bitch who say she the realist, but she got fake ass
I popped all dese perks when I don’t it’ll make my day bad
Yellow Vs two 30 Ips mixed with high tank Rans
Crystal bands two and a four give me like 10 grands
That’s a brick clear as my wrist ice like spring bag
Member turner quarters to zips and it made my Jays mad
Member niggas loved me to death so I made em’ play dead
Thoroughbred can’t say ian give em all I had but it wasn’t enough
Activate ah you can’t lock in with us we don’t trust
All of em tented up we trained hit up sumn
When they slid on us end up wrecking pearl as in stuck
It ain’t safe to ride down Poplo boy not even on the bus
Niggas gotta better chance of playing the lottery than playing with us
Think he tough I called his bluff took the bait to the wolf
Your opinion don’t mean nun
You ain’t never sweat with us
Last time you put in work nigga I was a youngin
Five seven puncture a sucker easy as butter
We done knocked the meet out of sumthin and make it puss up
You ain’t killed nuthin in this calendar then shut the fuck up
You ain’t worth a hunnid or better then shut the fuck up
In another nigga hood, icy I ain’t got nothing tucked
Don’t ask how much water just stir it and it’s gone lump up
Act like I ain’t put in that work when you see me come up
Like I ain’t supposed to be here and I just got lucky
It’s funny same niggas that hate me the ones I fronted
Knowing you afraid cuz you post me and made it public
Knowing if I tell em to go for it ain’t no puntin’

Yeah yeah yeah
Fuck with me the same nigga
Stop playing man
Keep that shit internet man
Cuz niggas don’t wanna bump forreal in the street
Know we really out here man we the reason shit the way it is
Man it’ll never be the same
Bigger than life or death

#ESTGee #BiggerThanLifeOrDeath #EverybodyShinesTogether

Music video by EST Gee performing Bigger Than Life Or Death. © 2021 CMG

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